Heaton House Farm Wedding Video

Full of emotions, fun and joy Wedding Day of Katie and Matthew at Heaton House Farm

It was one of the most emotional Wedding Day in our last Wedding Season. But we can say It was one of the happines and one of the funniest and crazy Weddings of the season. And we have to say, Katie and Matt have absolutely amazing friends (many friends). Thay cry with them, thay sing, dance and laugh with them. It was really nice to be with them and even bad, rainy day nothin changed in their Big Day.

Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer]
Cameras: Vincent Vee, Łukasz Królikowski
Editing: Vincent Vee

Photographer: Asha byasha Wesolowski

Music: As We Go by Luminar - Artlist.io
You and The Summer by Katerine Stone - Artlist.io

Venue: Heaton House Farm