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Sometimes The Song is Better Than Words: Louise and Matt’s Wedding Film at Iscoyd Park by Vee Films & Photography byAsha

Experience the enchanting wedding film of Louise and Matt at Iscoyd Park, where sometimes, the song is better than words. Captured by Vee Films, this film brings to life the love, joy, and unique moments of their special day in a beautiful park setting. Get inspired for your own unforgettable wedding.

Sometimes The Song is Better Just Than Words. Louise and Matt Wedding Film at Iscoyd Park

Louise and Matt are very beautiful and romantic couple. They visited us at our office few months before the wedding and from that moment we knew their Wedding Day will be full of romance, tears and laugh. Yes, we known it! 

Iskoyd Park is The best choice for emotional and exceptional couple like Louise and Matt. 

We absolutely adore Louise's style. With her short hair and white feather collar she looked like Madonna in 80's. She was really lovely Bride with tears in her eyes during her vows.

We are very privilaged we could be a part of this stylish and exceptional wedding, and capture special moments of love and happines for Matt & Louise. 


With Love Vincent and Asha

Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer]
Cameras: Vincent Vee, Lukas Krolikowski
Editing: Vincent Vee

Photographer: Asha byasha Wesolowski

Music: All of The Miles by Maya Isac -
Late Rose by Michael Witt -

Venue: Iscoyd Park

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