Babe I'm Completely Crazy in Love. Nicola and Samuel Wedding Film at Palm House Sefton Park

Sunny day, tropical island in the middle of Liverpool. Warm weather, hot atmosphere, holiday vibes.
We honestly loved to work with that couple Nicole and Samuel on that sunny day. Nicola looked stunning in Bride dress with her uncommon beauty and tatoos on her body. Her style inspired us.

That day was particular because of two performances. Nicola's sister Taylor who has fantastic voice sang song with her dad who played guitar.
Another performance were Your Singing Waiters who really confused guests with their beginning of the performance.

Thank you guys for that hot day <3

Vincent and Asha

Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer ]
Cameras: Vincent Vee, Lukas Krolikowski
Editing: Vincent Vee

Photographer: Asha byasha Wesolowski

Music: Hard to Love by Katrina Stone -
Your Singing Waiters

Venue: Palm House Sefton Park