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You Make Me a Better Person”: Laura and Mark’s Wedding Video at Soughton Hall | Videography by Vincent Vee & Photography byAsha

Immerse yourself in Laura and Mark’s love story at Soughton Hall. Their wedding video, captured by Vincent Vee and Asha, is a testament to their profound love that makes each other better.

Sunny, summer day, romantic atmosphere, Love in the air and phenomenal, full of love Groom's speech to The Bride. 

Thank you Laura and Mark for this beautiful day

Vincent and Asha

Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer ]
Cameras: Vincent Vee, Asha byasha Wesolowski
Editing: Vincent Vee

Music: El Ultimo Bucardo by Adrian Berenguer -
Kaleidoscope by Adrian Berenguer -
Drift by Be Still the Earth -

Venue: Soughton Hall

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