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Step into ‘The Garden of Love’ with Melissa and Sam’s wedding film at Honeysuckle & Castle. Captured by Vee Films, this film brings to life the love, joy, and elegance of their special day in a charming setting. Get inspired for your own dream wedding.

I could say about Melissa and Sam Wedding Day in a William Blake poem's words 

"I went to the Garden of Love, 
And saw what I never had seen: 
A Chapel was built in the midst, 
Where I used to play on the green."

And nothing more... Maby only about couple. We really loved to be with you in your Big Day. You are wonderfully crazy ♥

Vincent and Asha

Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer ]
Cameras: Vincent Vee, Lukas Krolikowski
Editing: Vincent Vee

Photographer: Asha byasha Wesolowski

Music: Better Now by Philip Daniel Zach -
Anywhere I Run by Katrina Stone -

Venue: Honeysuckle & Castle

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