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Best Friend, Soulmate and really True Love. Ashlea and Darren Wedding Film at Nunsmere Hall

"Some People are looking to find Best Friend. Some People looking to find True Love. Some People are looking to find Soulmate. With you Ashlea I have found all of this".

Have you ever heard a more romantic words of Groom as a introduction of his vow. Everyone had tears in eyes when this couple read their vows. Nothing outside was important. Windstorm, strong rain. There were only two people. She and He. Ashlea and Darren.

Thank you guys for that amazing Wedding Day.

Vincent and Asha

Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer ]

Cameras: Vincent Vee, Asha byasha Wesolowski

Editing: Vincent Vee

Music: Reel by Adrian Berengeur - Until The End by Kevin Graham - Soulshine by Katrina Stone -

Venue: Nunsmere Hall Hotel

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