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"Una guspira de llum va brotar de la natura amb un sol..." Catalan Love. Aneta and Josep M

"Una guspira de llum va brotar de la natura amb un sol que avabava de reneixer d'una ombra despareguda..." Aneta and Josep M. Wedding Film in Barcelona Catalan Love. April in Barcelona. Have you ever been in Barcelona, capital of Catalonia? We are completely in love with Barcelona since first sight. Barcelona is like little Paris so like in Paris you'll find many couples in love. We've met one and feel that these two close friends, together or apart are perfect match for each other. Aneta and Josep Maria are true life companions, two soulmates, beautiful in and out. They are both in love with each other, but they have one love in their heart - Love to Catalonia. We completely understand why... Beautiful views, amazing weather (even during the storm) and absolutely great, happy and smile catalans. We are so privileged we could be part of those two amazing days, the celebration of true love and friendship with beautiful family and friends. This Barcelona's Wedding we could witnessed was truly and simply amazing. We gain new Catalan Family and for that we are both thankful. It is good when you can choose your family! May your life together be as joyful and happy as your love and may you both continue to shine in each other’s life. with Love, Vincent and Asha Production: Vincent Films [ Vincent Vee Films, Film Director Photographer] Cameras: Vincent Vee Editing: Vincent Vee Photographer: Asha byasha Wesolowski Music: Catalonia is not Spain by Moran - Jerusaln by Idan Balas - Tunefora Mountain by Idan Balas - The Wedding Song by Kolby Knickerbocker Viking by Zac Nelson Venue: Caliu de Gràcia Aigua del Carmen

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